Automobile dealers would need to licence themselves as Motor Insurance Service Providers (MISP) with the insurance regulator according to the new guidelines issued by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI).

The IRDAI Guidelines

1) The MISP shall nominate a person who shall be responsible for its compliances with the guidelines. Such a person shall be called its Designated Person.

2) The Designated Person and all persons distributing motor insurance policies shall be at least 12th Pass and shall undergo training and examination of Point of Sales (POS) Person to the extent specified by the authority.

3) They will be given unique identification number based on their Aadhar No.

Course Curriculum

Module 1
Introduction to Insurance FREE 03:00:00
Practice Test – Module 1 Unlimited
Module 2
Indian Insurance Market FREE 03:00:00
Practice Test – Module 2 Unlimited
Module 3
Principles and Practice of Insurance FREE 03:00:00
Practice Test – Module 3 Unlimited
Module 4
POS Guidelines FREE 03:00:00
Practice Test – Module 4 Unlimited
Module 5
Miscellaneous FREE 03:00:00
Practice Test – Module 5 Unlimited
Final Assessment
Final Test Unlimited
Final Assessment 1
Final Test Unlimited
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IRDAI Composite License Number : 381 Valid upto: 01/09/202